Stephanie Brown | Fiber Artist + Proprietor of The Joint

Stephanie grew up in Germany, in a house where home was more than just a place to live.  This lucky circumstance fostered her love and appreciation for well-considered living spaces and all things beautiful from very early on.  Stephanie has a deep-seated love for photography, textiles, studio pottery, thrifting and furniture restoration.

Watching her parents, aunt, uncle, older brother and sister run their own businesses throughout her childhood taught Stephanie not only that the hustle is in fact real, but that there is also freedom in being your own boss and real joy in realizing your dream + seeing your vision come to life.  Coming from an entire family of small business owners it was really just a matter of time until she caught the entrepreneurial bug herself and so at long last The Joint was born!


Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way to do business.


Unified by a love for Vallejo and the people who live in it.

Connecting through cohabitation and shared experience.


Connecting through cohabitation and shared experience.


Creative Workshops

The Joint is a positive + creative space focused on uniting & supporting all things good with an ultimate aim to build community through creativity. To that end we offer a variety of workshops + events such as:

Girls Night Out

Get Your Weave on! (Tapestry Weaving 101)

Cactus Gatherings   

Creative Flower Arranging

Stained Glass 101

Our events page is up to date with everything happening at The Joint.

ABOUT OUR WORKSHOPS + EVENTS: Workshops + events are held at The Joint in Old Town Vallejo and include expert instruction by experienced makers. Most workshops + events are BYOB (whatever tickles your fancy) unless otherwise noted. All you need to do is show up in a comfortable outfit you don’t mind getting messy (and some workshops WILL be messy). We keep group sizes small to ensure sufficient attention for each participant and to keep the setting intimate. Of course you go home with your unique creation, but unless otherwise noted, all tools used during the workshop or event will stay with The Joint.

PRIVATE CLASSES: Looking for something a little different or want a workshop dedicated to just you and your friends or coworkers? We love creating custom classes for groups of three or more. We will also happily customize any workshop into a private party for you. Contact us to see about planning a class or event for you!