here + now // feb 2018

"here + now" will be a fun monthly feature to give you a glimpse at what's going on in and around The Joint.  so without further ado...

reading // "Business for Bohemians: Live Well, Make Money" by Tom Hodgkinson.  gotta get schooled in the art of shopkeeping.

writing // the same information on seemingly endless forms.  bureaucracy is definitely alive and well in our great state of California.

listening // to Ali Farka Touré's brilliant collaboration with Toumani Diabaté on "In the heart of the moon".  this album unfailingly puts me in a dreamy mood.  malian music at it's best!

thinking // about offering some natural apothecary products at The Joint.  thoughts anyone?

smelling // P.F. Candle Company's Patchouli Sweetgrass.  i have been burning this candle at the shop everyday and never get tired of the scent.  i have been asked about these candles all week too so they will soon be available at The Joint. 

wishing // for spring! i am not sure how much more of this cold snap i can take.

hoping // warmer weather for the upcoming Art Walk.  See y'all there!

wearing // who has time to worry about that right now? not this girl!

wanting // a sick pair of vintage high heeled cowboy boots in my size please.

eating // oh right, food!  i have been soo busy lately that i mostly just forget about food until i become hangry and then ravenously devour the first thing i find (with is usually a very, very bad thing).  planing to do much better now that things are a bit more settled.

considering // doing another Whole30 as it historically seems to be the only thing that will snap me out a junk food cycle.

making // time next week to weave.  I haven't picked up a loom since November and i am eager to release some pent up creative energy, almost jittery with anticipation and jonesing to feel some delicious yarns between my fingers.

drinking // applebubly.  yes, i too have been swept up in the flavored sparkling water craze and excited to have found a new flavor.  8 glasses a day by any means necessary!

wasting // precious time and energy worrying about little insignificant details, but finally learning - after 22 years of living here - that my german perfectionism has no place in sunny California.

enjoying // my day off.  and even though i am on my laptop working i am enjoying the sounds play of my four year old and husband wafting in from the backyard.

waiting // for the set of handmade looms to arrive so i can start doing some weaving workshops.  if you are looking for a new fun, yet meditative hobby keep your eyes peeled for "get your weave on" and learn the ins and outs of tapestry weaving.

planning // a gang of creative workshops to bring to The Joint.  i have met a variety of fiercely talented folks in the last few months and a lot of them are willing and excited to share their skills with the community. 

feeling // thankful that the peculiar mix of excitement, fear + apprehension that has been with me since signing the lease for the shop has finally just morphed into pure excitement.

knowing // that life is good this week!  it was our first week at The Joint and the community reception has been positive beyond my wildest dreams.  you guys have been nothing but supportive and hugely complimentary.  i am so happy to finally have taken this leap of faith and grateful to have been caught and embraced by all the awesome folks who have come to The Joint since we opened our doors.  proud to be a Vallejoan!

loving // this quote i was sent this morning: "Tired of trying to cram her sparkly star-shaped self into society's beige square holes, she chose to embrace her ridiculous awesomeness and shine like the freaking supernova she was meant to be."  While the source is unknown these are definitely words to live by.

needing // more hours in the day to be a mama, wife and daughter in addition to being a working mom. 

How has your month been?

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