here + now // march 2019

we know, we know it’s been more than a year but we’re baaack with our monthly glimpse of what’s going on in and around The Joint.

reading //  “Nourish & Glow: Naturally Beautifying Foods and Elixirs” by Jules Aron an absolutely stunning book, full of beautiful photographs and exquisitely delicious recipes to nourish your body & soul.

writing //  as we have at long last started to host workshops + events we’ve been busy penning seemingly endless event posts and class descriptions. Keep your eyes peeled to our calendar to see what’s happening.

listening //  we’ve had the late Mac Miller’s “Swimming” on an infinite loop since last year … as can be attested by anyone who has been to The Joint in the last six months. we’re obsessed with the varying beats + flows coupled with deep lyrics & comforting old school vibes. easily Mac Miller’s best work!

thinking //  about all the ups and downs we’ve had during our first year in business: from uncertain and scary beginnings … to meeting all of you wonderful people … finding all the super talented local artisans who’s work make our space shine … the mold problem leading to an unexpected move half way through the year … our bigger and better new Marin Street location … and now taking it to the next level by finally having the workshops we’ve been threatening to have forever. it’s been a good year and we are grateful of each and every one of you that has walked through our doors and made The Joint what it is today.

smelling //  aaaall the flowers! spring has sprung here in California and now that the sunny days are starting to outnumber the rainy ones we are outside every chance we get.

wishing //  for a hook up to an abandoned, dilapidated and CHEAP warehouse space to establish our Mare Island Bombshell clubhouse/community center. ask and you shall receive, right!?

hoping //  for a warm + sunny weekend.

wearing //  a pair of clementine suede Moxi roller skates … my mobile happy place 🧡

wanting //  to find the perfect pair of sandals for summer. suggestions anyone?

eating //  my own weight in avocados right now, one of my favorite parts of paleo. our favorite decadent treat is this heavenly creamy “avocado pudding”. grab an avocado, a splash of heavy cream and a spoonful of Manuka Honey, whirl everything up in a blender and enjoy!

considering // doing field-trip-workshops … i am picturing a picnic in a sunny meadow, hands & minds busy creating and laughter being carried off by light breezes.

making //   vision boards y’all! reluctantly made a sample board in preparation of our upcoming GIRLS NIGHT OUT (April 5th) and totally got enamored with the process. join us if you want in on the fun!

drinking //  we’re hooked on Vino Godfather’s Old Vine Zinfandel at the mo, preferably enjoyed on their inviting front porch.

wasting //  time procrastinating, as usual. somehow we’re too comfortable in the 11th hour rush.

enjoying //  roller skating around our beautiful Mare Island.

waiting // for spring break to be over and done with. the last two weeks have been exceptionally long ones … hanging out with a five year old boy every day is a full-time job!

planning //  workshops, worships, workshops … and maybe a small makers fair this summer.

feeling //  grateful. we have been faced with a fair amount of tragedy lately, making us particularly grateful for this life of ours.

knowing //  that if you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion, for your passion will lead you directly to your purpose.

loving // Vallejo in the springtime. the sun is shining, everyone is out and about soaking up some much needed warmth. it’s good to see downtown bustling again.

needing //  an extra five hours in the day. we have been so busy around the shop that there seems to be no time for creative downtime. jonesing for a day of doing nothing but hanging out in the studio weaving.

How has your month been?

stephanie brownThe Joint